The formation of an ecological culture among young people and the development of physical culture and sports have gained such social power and significance in our time that they have never had an analogue in the history of society.

Everyone should have a clear idea of the possible consequences of the irrational use of resources and the barbaric attitude toward nature. The relevance of the problems of environmental education and upbringing is growing. It is caused by the necessity to raise ecological culture of a human being, constant preservation and improvement of living conditions on the Earth, the necessity to solve urgent problems connected with decrease of the living space per one person, preservation and restoration, rational use and multiplication of natural riches, low level of human perception of environmental problems as personally significant, underdeveloped human need for practical participation in environmental protection activities.

Physical culture and sports are not only an effective means of physical development of young people, but also the strengthening and protection of their health, the sphere of communication and manifestation of social activity of young people, a clever form of organization and leisure activities, which undoubtedly affect other aspects of human life: the authority and position in society, work, the structure of moral and intellectual characteristics, aesthetic ideals and value orientations and give ample opportunities for youth to develop, assert and express their “self”.

Understanding the values of this direction, caring about the development of future society Ecorecycling Company is the official patron of the public organization “Ecological-Sports Union of Youth” and contributes 5% of the company’s profits to mass educational, health, physical education and sports activities among young people.